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Seattle, United States

Super Pen Massager

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Give yourself a massage for quick pain relief, at any time
Price per quantities
2 o más 44.98 EUR/unidad
3 o más 39.98 EUR/unidad
Electric acupuncture pen designed by the best experts.
9 speeds adaptable to different pressure points.
The latest technology at the service of traditional Chinese medicine.
Its small size allows you to comfortably take it with you anywhere

The perfect acupuncture pen for your muscles

According to statistics, 80% of people will feel some kind of muscle pain or discomfort for at least five days out of the month. In addition, 23 % of the workforce complain of pain in the neck, in the lumbar zone or in the knees. The fact is that with the passage of time, physical activity or various rheumatic diseases cause the muscles to progressively atrophy, which can become, if you are affected, a serious problem for your quality of life.

Discover the pocket solution with Super Pen Massager

You probably have more than one pen in your backpack, your shirt or jacket pocket, or your desk. So, by buying this revolutionary product that has changed the lives of thousands of people you will only have to add one more. Its elegant design will not clash with the rest of pens, pencils, and markers you have on your desk.

Just take it out of its case, press the power button, select the intensity you prefer and place it on the key points of your body to relieve the pain - it's that easy!

A technical prodigy

Although the size of the Super Pen Massager is identical to that of a fountain pen, inside it is possible to see how its designers have managed, in such a small space, to create a perfect product. Its blunt head is the one that receives the energy produced in its small engine. This piece is interchangeable.

Just below is the digital display showing the intensity of the massage you want to receive. At the base of the product you will find the battery (one battery) and an extended button with which you can select, by pressing up or down, the level of power you’d like for your acupuncture session.

It also includes an instruction manual so that you know which meridian points to stimulate depending on the area of your body where you feel the pain. Don't forget that for the product to be more effective you just need to apply a conductive gel, such as aloe vera, and take advantage of the opportunity to improve the appearance of your skin while you recover the normal functioning of your muscles!

Main Advantages

  1. It is always ready to offer you the maximum performance. Pressing the power button and the one that selects the intensity level is enough. Forget about having to wait in an acupuncture clinic, spend money on travel or ignore whether the results of the therapy will be to your liking. You only have to turn on your pen so that you can decide how long the session lasts and how you want it to be.

  2. It is designed by experts in acupuncture. Their experience in the sector was combined with that of the creators of the manufacturing company. This team managed to turn a project into a revolutionary pen that is already used by thousands of people thanks to its adaptability to any type of muscle problem.

  3. It is a high-quality product that will allow you to save energy. Most similar items have a charger that needs to be plugged in continuously. In this case, a simple battery is enough to make it easier for you to use it anywhere.

  4. It is very resistant to continuous use. Its metal casing perfectly protects the motor. Thanks to its design, it is almost impossible for dirt, cold or heat to affect its proper function.

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